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Lasik and Refractive Surgery Center

 OPHTH Laser and Refractive Surgery

Millions of people have improved the quality of their lives with refractive vision correction!

Since May of 2000, VISX has had approval from the FDA for VISX CustomVue laser vision correction.  It employs the VISX WaveScan System, a diagnostic system that captures a “fingerprint” of the eye which is 25 times more precise than what was previously measurable by standard methods. WaveScan evaluates more than near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism: it captures other, more specific imperfections in each individual's vision.

The University of Minnesota Department of Ophthalmology would like to assist you with any questions you may have about Refractive Vision Correction. Our mission is to provide you with information to help you decide if these procedures are right for you.

Why choose the University of Minnesota?

As the premier medical school in the Midwest, the U of M has a long tradition of developing and using new technology, methods and innovations.

The Corneal and External Disease department offers not only refractive vision correction, but also specializes in corneal transplantation, cataract surgery and ocular surface reconstruction. This level of expertise and experience of our surgeons allows them to evaluate your visual needs objectively and to help you decide if Refractive Vision Correction is right for you.

You will meet your surgeon on the day of your preoperative evaluation, not just on the day of your treatment. If you are a good candidate and ready for Refractive Vison Correction your surgeon will discuss a treatment plan with you and make sure all of your questions are answered. The procedure will be scheduled at a later date. All of your postoperative visits will take place with your surgeon, here at the University, to evaluate your proper visual recovery.

Email: lasik@umn.edu

516 Delaware St SE
9th Floor -Phillips Wangensteen Building
Mpls, MN 55455
Phone: 612-626-1442

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